Clay Webb - ( 2019, OC ) Oxford High School

Updated 12/12/18

First Clay
Last Webb
Middle C
Nickname Clay
Class 2019
Birth Date 2000-03-27
Home Address 906 Hillbrier Drive
City Oxford
State AL
Zip Code 36203
Birth State MS
Home Phone 256-452-1910
Cell Phone 256-473-0890
Academic Interest History
Preferred Airport Hartsfield-Jackson
Hobbies Sports
Other Varsity Sports Wrestling, Track & Field
Other Sports Stats Discus - 89-5; Javelin - 102-3; SP - 48-9 (2017)
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Projected Early Enrollee Yes
ETS-Code 012085
School Name Oxford High School
School Address 1 Yellow Jacket Drive
School State AL
School Zip 36203
School City Oxford
County Calhoun
School Phone 256-241-3166
Time Zone CT
Head Coach Name Ryan Herring
Head Coach Phone 256-452-0192
Head Coach Email
Athletic Director Name 
Athletic Director Phone 
Athletic Director Email 
Guidance Counselor Name Grady Lacher
Guidance Counselor Phone 256-241-3171
Guidance Counselor Email
Recruting / Asst Coach Name 
Recruting / Asst Coach Cell 
7on7 Coach or Trainer Name 
7on7 Coach or Trainer Cell 
Georgia Commit; 11 Other Offers: Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia Tech, Jacksonville State, Michigan, Mississippi State, Ohio State, Tennessee, Texas A&M

Photos / Video / Position
College Level Projection Elite Power 5
Projected Qualifier Yes/No Yes
Position Played OC
Position Projected OC
Jersey # 75
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CAMP/EVENT VIDEO Rivals Atlanta 4-14-18Click Here...
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Father Name 
Father Cell 
Father Email 
Father College 
Mother Name Dana Webb
Mother Cell 256-473-0890
Mother Email
Mother College Jacksonville state university
Custodial Parent (Who you live with) UA
Parents Married/Divorced 
Sibling(s) Name(s) Emory Webb
Sibling(s) College(s) Attended 
Sibling(s) College Sport(s) Played 
Guardian Info 
Guardian Cell 
Guardian Email 
Verified Measurables
DateLocationHeightWeightWingspan40 YardVerticalShuttleBroadArmHandReachShoe
2018-04-22UA ATL 53F6-328877.05.4223.14.933.09.83
2018-01-04UA F506-3.828279.09.43
Measurables Progression
Measured  ValueDateLocation
10  1.8792018-04-22UA ATL 53F
40  5.4182018-04-22UA ATL 53F
40  5.4782017-04-02UA
40  5.332017-03-26Nike
40  5.432016-03-20Nike
Arm  33.02018-04-22UA ATL 53F
Hand  9.832018-04-22UA ATL 53F
Hand  9.4322018-01-04UA F50
Hand  9.8252017-04-02UA
Height  6-32018-04-22UA ATL 53F
Height  6-3.82018-01-04UA F50
Height  6-3.52017-04-02UA
Height  6-32017-03-26Nike
Height  6-32016-03-20Nike
Shuttle  4.9022018-04-22UA ATL 53F
Shuttle  4.8762017-04-02UA
Shuttle  4.582017-03-26Nike
Shuttle  4.732016-03-20Nike
Vertical  23.12018-04-22UA ATL 53F
Vertical  24.42017-04-02UA
Vertical  26.02017-03-26Nike
Vertical  25.52016-03-20Nike
Weight  2882018-04-22UA ATL 53F
Weight  2822018-01-04UA F50
Weight  3072017-04-02UA
Weight  2982017-03-26Nike
Weight  2972016-03-20Nike
Wingspan  77.02018-04-22UA ATL 53F
Wingspan  79.02018-01-04UA F50
Wingspan  78.02017-04-02UA
Injury History
Best Measurables
Measured  ValueDateLocation
Height  6-32018-04-22UA ATL 53F
Weight  2882018-04-22UA ATL 53F
Wingspan  77.02018-04-22UA ATL 53F
40 Yard  5.332017-03-26Nike
Vertical  26.02017-03-26Nike
Shuttle  4.582017-03-26Nike
Hand  9.832018-04-22UA ATL 53F

Freshman Tape Evaluation
(12/14/15) Possesses very good size for this stage. Big body with powerful base and demonstrates excellent strength and a physical demeanor. Flashes ability to come off low and unlock hips, but infrequent and needs to improve pad level. Tough, promising interior OL that needs to continue develop frame and improve technique.
Sophomore Tape Evaluation
(9/26/16) Excellent size with room to still develop frame. Displays good hip and ankle flexion and can come off with pad level and consistently gain physical leverage. Needs to improve knee drive. Can quickly work to second level and cover up targets. Can be physical in play, but could be little more consistent in finishing ability. Very good O-Lineman for this stage. Potential to develop at OT is there, if not displays tools to be quality upper-tier Power-5 OG
Camp/Event Performance Evaluation
(Scouted at Future 50 1/4/18) A top performer. Knee bender that displays very good lateral mobility and balance. Good initial quickness. Can improve placement, but active hand fighter. Quiet, focused competitor that does not shy away from reps. With each evaluation looks to be in better physical shape. (Scouted at UA Atlanta 4/18) Once again a top performer. Competitive performer who did not shy away from reps. Possesses good initial quickness and plays with good knee bend with excellent balance and lateral mobility. (Scouted @ The Opening 7/18) (Non-Padded participant) Good feet and can quickly cover up rushers in 1-on-1's. Good strength, competitor, but needs to do better job sinking hips as could give too much ground
Player Updates
What  OldNewWhen
adName   2018-09-20
birthDate  03/27/20002000-03-272018-09-20
CampEvent_Evaluation  (Scouted at Future 50 1/4/18) A top performer...(Scouted at Future 50 1/4/18) A top performer...2018-07-09
CampEvent_Video_text_1  UA 4/02/17ATL Testing 4/22/182018-04-30
Coach_cell  256-506-9705256-452-01922018-06-22
collegeOffers  7: Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia...Georgia Commit; 11 Other Offers: Alabama, Aub...2018-12-12
College_Offers  5: Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Jacksonville St...7: Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Georgia...2018-01-11
DOB  3/27/00N/A2018-06-06
etscode  120850120852018-09-20
fax  256-249-39432018-09-20
First  RobertClay2018-04-12
gcFirst  Grady2018-09-20
gcLast  Lacher2018-09-20
handVerified  9.89.832018-09-20
hcFirst  Ryan2018-09-20
hcLast  Herring2018-09-20
headCoach  Wes BrooksRyan Herring2018-09-20
headCoachOffice  256-241-3166256-241-31902018-09-20
Home_Phone  256-473-0890256-452-19102018-04-12
HS_Coach  Michael DardenWes Brooks2018-06-22
mainPhone  256-241-31662018-09-20
Other_Sports_Stats  Discus - 107-7; Javelin - 99-5; SP - 43-10 (2...Discus - 89-5; Javelin - 102-3; SP - 48-9 (20...2017-09-10
Position_Played  OGOL2018-06-22
Position_Projected  OGOC2018-05-02
Preferred_Airport  AtlantaHartsfield-Jackson2018-06-22
Projected_Qualifier  YYes2018-06-08
recruitingAsstCoachName   2018-09-20
schoolAddress  1 Yellow Jacket Dr, Oxford, AL 362031 Yellow Jacket Drive2018-09-20
schoolCity  Oxford2018-09-20
schoolState  AL2018-09-20
schoolZip  362032018-09-20
shuttleVerified  4.9024.582018-12-12
shuttleVerifiedDate  2018-04-222017-03-262018-12-12
shuttleVerifiedLocation  UA ATL 53FNike2018-12-12
timeZone  CT2018-09-20
updated  2018-09-20 13:02:36.02018-12-12 08:26:59.3122018-12-12
verified40  5.4185.332018-12-12
verified40Date  2018-04-222017-03-262018-12-12
verified40Location  UA ATL 53FNike2018-12-12
verticalVerified  23.126.02018-12-12
verticalVerifiedDate  2018-04-222017-03-262018-12-12
verticalVerifiedLocation  UA ATL 53FNike2018-12-12
Weight  2972902018-06-22
Wingspan  77.0078.002018-06-08
wingspanVerified  78.077.02018-09-20